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Strategy and Objectives

Banque Libano-Française SAL objectives are to continue to achieve financial strength and growth, including expanded market share, and to generate income for its shareholders, through continued profitability, international expansion, an on-going focus on customer service and the hiring and retaining of qualified personnel.
Long-standing elements of the Bank's strategy for achieving its objectives include:
  • strengthening trust and partnerships with customers by focusing on the Bank's core values of quality customer service, professionalism, teamwork and integrity,
  • hiring professionals with a strong knowledge of banking risks and continually developing the skills and expertise of its employees,
  • investing in technologies that reduce operational risks and promote the implementation of best practices in the industry.

In order to achieve its strategic objectives, the Bank intends (among other things):
  • to pursue earnings growth by increasing its penetration in the banking services market, while maintaining its focus on asset quality,
  • to continue to pursue its international expansion program to gain both market share and to protect itself through geographical and economic diversification.
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